Alex Morgan, Hope Solo And Women’s Soccer Still Being A Thing

One of my professional goals as editor is to get myself and the With Leather domestic readership into soccer.

It’s a hard sell sometimes, but it’s getting easier thanks to the fact that we’ve got tons of great soccer happening across the country at any given point; for example, the United States women’s national team took on Canada’s national team in an exhibition game in front of 18,570 at Jeld-Wen Field in Portland on Thursday night. It was a reminder that we can (and should) like these women outside of their 15-minutes of Letterman fame and that Abby Wambach — who scored two second-half goals one of them a header — should be showing up at every Kids and Teens and ESPN choice awards things to win a trophy.

In case you weren’t one of those nearly 19,000 people who saw the game, I’ve put together a gallery that should simultaneously tell you “the U.S. Women’s National Team is pretty great” and “Alex Morgan looks amazing in those little shorts”. Because they are, and she totally does. Be sure to click through thoroughly enough to get to the fan photos, as they are wonderful. Yes, girls lift their shirts and write things on their stomachs at U.S. soccer games.

All photos are via Daylife by way of Getty Images, unless otherwise noted. The video in slide 2 is from Oregon Live. The increasing desire to know everything about these people is totally mine.

The Pledging of Allegiance was had.

This picture was taken previously, but gives you a good look at Jeld-Wen Field, home of the Portland Timbers, because I care about things like stadium architecture.

Hope Solo, who looks like a giant person until she’s standing next to Abby Wambach.

A Getty Images photographer getting as artsy as he possibly can with Hope Solo.

Alex Morgan, your friend who isn’t into soccer’s favorite soccer player.

She’s pretty and she’s good at things. See how much better that feels, people who stan for Anna Kournikova?

Abby Wambach

For a minute I thought this was a picture of Kenta Kobashi.

I have never once put this much athleticism into something.

Wait, did that girl write “raping” on her stomach?

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

This lady apparently did the title sequence for Juno, and every movie trying to be Juno after it.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

More excited people than I saw at the Dodgers game this weekend.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

I love the expository nature of that sign.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

This is awesome in a way almost nothing else is awesome.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

I like the gems on the pound signs, but you got a little sloppy with those red splotches.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]


[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

An alternate shot of that Alex Morgan hug.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

More sports need scarves. I’m probably the first person to ever type that.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

This is either about “Dancing With The Stars” or improper use of negative space.

[photo courtesy of Oregon Live]

The next time your team does something dumb, remember that there are some pretty awesome sports people out there who could really use your support. I’m talking about me, of course, and these slideshows.