Alex Rodriguez ‘Never Dreamt Of’ A Career In Television

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As the sports calendar hits October, baseball’s six-month season boils down the high-stakes chess match that its postseason. At the center of the marathon coverage is a battle-tested superstar who turned the page to become a five-tool media sensation. Alex Rodriguez has established himself as a versatile on-camera talent, the perfect blend of insight and marquee personality that can make the most interesting part of the baseball season a little more compelling.

Rodriguez draws on the ability to process the game that led to an all-time great career, which he mixes with charm, wit, humor and the a-list celebrity chops. This enables A-Rod to draw in less than casual baseball fans.

“It’s something that I never dreamt of doing,” Rodriguez told Uproxx at a Jeep Celebrity customization event in Los Angeles. “And all of the sudden, I got this shot with FOX and things started rolling.”

Seamlessly, he transitioned from his playing days to the studio. Like his career on the diamond, Rodriguez leapfrogged the minor leagues of the broadcast ranks and immediately got the chance to show his skills on the national stage.

An 18-year-old phenom from Miami skyrocketed through the baseball stratosphere as an all-world shortstop for the Seattle Mariners. Equal parts Cal Ripken and Ozzie Smith, Rodriguez was a five-tool player who quickly established himself as a superstar. He set records for home runs in a season by a shortstop, joined the coveted 40-40 club, and won a batting title in 1996, his first full year in the majors.

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Once he left Seattle for a record-setting $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers in 2001, Rodriguez would encounter heavy scrutiny that would follow him throughout his career. Still, despite being under the microscope that comes with the title of the highest-paid player in history, Rodriguez performed at a high level. He was a perennial All-Star who earned his first Most Valuable Player award in 2003, a year in which he led the league with 47 home runs.