Alex Rodriguez Commented On Jennifer Lopez Reportedly Getting Back Together With Ben Affleck: ‘Go Yankees’

Alex Rodriguez has been a busy guy in recent weeks due to his interest in teaming up with former Walmart executive Marc Lore to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves. In addition to his various business interests, though, his name has popped up in tabloids due to his high-profile split from Jennifer Lopez after more than four years.

Lopez has since gotten back together with Ben Affleck, according to reports, as the two recently spent some time with one another in Montana. Rodriguez has not been asked about any of this, in large part because, well, he’s had other things to do than be asked about this. But according to Page Six, Rodriguez was recently pressed about their relationship, and he gave a pretty straightforward answer to the press.

“Go Yankees,” Rodriguez, who of course played for the New York Yankees, said.

Now, some might take this as shade towards Affleck, a well-documented Boston Red Sox fan, but this also seems like a thing A-Rod would say as a stock answer to literally anything you asked him that he did not want to actually answer. There’s that update on Rodriguez’s personal life, so let’s get a look into how things are going in Rodriguez’s pursuit of becoming an owner of an NBA team, per Brian Windhorst of ESPN.

Tech entrepreneur Marc Lore and former baseball star Alex Rodriguez’s 30-day exclusive negotiating window to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves from Glen Taylor has ended without a formal deal.

Both sides are continuing to negotiate in good faith in an attempt to reach an agreement and it is possible that an extension to the window could be worked out, but one isn’t currently in place, sources told ESPN.

Rodriguez has attempted to purchase an ownership stake in another professional sports team, the New York Mets, in recent months, but that fell through. While this is an obvious setback in his pursuit of being part of the Timberwolves’ ownership group, the good news is that it does appear that there is still an avenue for this to work out.