Alex Rodriguez And Jennifer Lopez Are In An Adult Relationship

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A report from the New York Daily News has a hot scoop on 2002’s hottest new couple — former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez and actress/singer Jennifer Lopez are currently dating.

Rodriguez, who was suspended from baseball for an entire season, and Lopez, who starred in 2015’s “The Boy Next Door,” have been “keeping company” and “stepping out together” for at least four months. There is no mention of canoodling in the story.

In journalism, it’s important to protect your sources, so when you get a juicy piece of information (or something about two people in their 40s having sex), you don’t want to tip your hand in the story. But it seems like this author is betraying his source, because there can’t be more than five people on Earth that refer to dating as “keeping company” or “stepping out together,” and if that person is in A-Rod’s or J-Lo’s inner circle, that person is screwed.

“They are not living together but see each other a few times a month,” writes the author, apparently putting an accelerated timetable and extra pressure on a relationship that hasn’t lasted as long as one baseball season yet.

A-Rod was spotted backstage at a J-Lo show in Las Vegas, so you know it’s serious.

(New York Daily News)