Alex Rodriguez’s Deal For A Tell-All Book About His Feud With MLB? ‘Totally Fake’

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A-Rod Derp

It’s pretty difficult to distinguish what is real and fake when it comes to Alex Rodriguez news, because the guy is just a complete cartoon character these days. From the steroids and his totally not suspicious fan support groups to his reportedly failing real estate mogul career and his centaur art, Rodriguez is baseball’s biggest punchline, and now it doesn’t help that two publishing companies are calling bullsh*t on their reported involvement in a tell-all book about A-Rod’s battle with MLB over his massive suspension.

The New York Daily News claims that A-Rod was offered at least $5 million to tell us his side of the story and that Random House and HarperCollins were the two companies competing for the book. Too bad those companies claim they don’t know a thing about this.

“It’s totally fake,” said one publishing insider. The insider also said no house would be foolish enough to plunk down that kind of money for an A-Rod book project given the risks.

“One reason he’d never get anywhere near that money is the obvious risk that as soon as the book was published, it could and probably would be discredited,” said the insider.

“He’ll say anything as long as it’s not under oath.” (Via the NY Daily News)

What’s funny is that if this had been published, I don’t know, three years ago, more people would be outraged over such accusations and tabloid garbage journalism. But now? I’m not sure his book would have been anything more than 200 pages of A-Rod doing pushups with Torrie Wilson on his back.

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