Alex Rodriguez’s Supporters Would Like Donations To Help Them Keep Protesting ‘Injustice’

While Major League Baseball continues its efforts to uphold Alex Rodriguez’s 211-game suspension for PED use and A-Rod, in turn, sues the league that made him the highest paid player in history for trying to destroy his character and sterling reputation, the New York Daily News is still keeping us entertained by constantly reporting on the most interesting side story – Fernando Mateo and Hispanics Across America. Mateo and HAA are behind the small crowds of “protesters” that have been camped outside of the MLB offices at the most opportune times, with several of the people waving signs that all bear the same handwriting.

Their goal? To put an end to Bud Selig’s injustice and to make sure that Rodriguez is treated no differently than any of the other suspended players. Oh, and if you’re willing, the HAA is now also accepting donations of $50, $100 and $1,000. You know, to help reveal how Bud Selig is a “child killer” or something.

For years, Hispanics Across America has been fighting for better treatment of our children here at home, as well as in places like the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela where our families still live and where their children are being poorly treated by Major League Baseball. The treatment of these young players would never be tolerated in small towns across America where young people pursue their dreams.

For several years now, HAA has led the fight against the double standards that baseball applies to young players here and young players in Latin American and Caribbean countries. We have visited the small villages in the DR and others places where these players come from and saw first-hand the impact MLB’s hands-off policy has had on their lives. We have called for higher standards, including more testing, better education and additional health care and other support for these young players and their families. We acknowledge that MLB, however grudgingly, did respond once we shined a spotlight on their responsibility for solving this problem.

But it’s still not enough. The double-standards, in our view, still apply to players of Hispanic heritage. (Via

So what does that have to do with A-Rod? Well, HAA wants A-Rod to be punished for using PEDs; however, Mateo wants him to only receive the 50-game that other first-time offenders have received. Even though he’s not a first-time offender. But hey, who has time for stupid semantics when all of these people are protesting against injustice and desperately need your money?