Alistair Overeem Is A Douchebag, Or This Is The Worst Stage In Bioshock Ever

02.10.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

The question posed: If you were holding a beer, how efficiently could you remove a woman’s bra with your free hand? What if she was wearing a dog mask?

alistair-overeem-unhooks-bras-dutch-tvTo answer the question, Dutch TV enlisted the help of top-ranked UFC monster Alistair Overeem, a man whose hands can do all sorts of unconventional things to women.

He does a fine job of unhooking a line of womens’ bras (while they’re wearing bunny masks, which makes me think this whole thing’s being orchestrated by Sander Cohen) and at the end he rides away on a three-wheeler while “Born To Be Wild” plays. I think a good litmus test for personal worth is to watch the video and note any instances of you thinking, “wow, this is cool!” The only way I can think to explain it is as the gender equivalent of Brock Lesnar murdering prairie dogs with machine guns.

[h/t Rant Sports]

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