Allen Robinson’s Painful Looking New Tattoo Is A Tribute To His Past Glories

Allen Robinson may be one of the best young wide receivers in the NFL, but that can be cold comfort sometimes when you play for one of the laughingstocks of the league in the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even as his team seems to be filled with offensive talent, they couldn’t get out of their own way and are once again picking in the top five of the upcoming draft. In his situation, it’s hard to blame Allen if he wants to relive his past glories.

Robinson showed off his new, very large tattoo (on the very-painful ribcage spot) on Twitter Tuesday, and it’s a tribute to this huge catch he had in his college days at Penn State:

That catch set up a game-tying rushing touchdown by current NFL draft prospect Christian Hackenberg, and the Nittany Lions would go on to win in four overtimes over 18th-ranked Michigan. In a season when Penn State was banned from the postseason due to the Jerry Sandusky scandal, it might have been the high point. It was the high point of Robinson’s college career, anyway — memorable enough to get it inked all over his body.

You know who has to feel weird about this, though? Channing Stribling, the Michigan defensive back who Robinson beat for the grab. He’s immortalized on Robinson’s ribs now, which is normally a privilege reserved for old flames or dead relatives. Instead, he’s victimized by the most permanent poster you can have outside of a museum. No one’s taking that one down.