Enjoy This Dinosaur Completing An ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Course

From the FTC Ninja Warrior gym outside of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, comes one of the most glorious videos that could possibly exist. Ninja Warrior is a special pleasure for those who follow it, but people dressed up in dinosaur costumes is a universal treat, and the more balloon-like, the better. (The rollerblading, inflatable Toronto Raptor is still quite possibly the greatest GIF of all time.) To combine the two is pure genius, and it allows me the rare opportunity to say: Please enjoy this ninja dinosaur. Ninja dinosaur think you’re all right.

The hero in the T-Rex costume is American Ninja Warrior contestant Riko Rivera, who clearly has skills but is even more clearly hampered by the outfit. The T-Rex isn’t built for obstacle courses, after all. It’s built for eviscerating lesser creatures. And yet, if it just learned to do some upper body-strengthening exercises, maybe it could have put its otherwise-vestigial limbs to use. If we just put on our imagination caps for a moment, we could see an apex predator learning a new skill, climbing trees to reach previously inaccessible prey. The prehistoric world wouldn’t have known what hit it.

Also, a realistic dinosaur costume would have feathers. That’s for all the science geeks out there.

(Via FOX Sports)