A 41-Year-Old Man Battling Parkinson’s Ran An Inspiring ‘American Ninja Warrior’ Qualifier

At just 27 years old, Jimmy Choi was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s. He struggled to tie his shoes, hold his daughter, or live a normal life many take for granted. But through strict exercise, Choi has been able to suppress the worst of his symptoms and excel, finally able to cope with the debilitating neurological disease. Since taking up his intense regimen, he’s completed multiple triathlons, run over a dozen marathons, and cycled numerous 100-mile rides. The man is a beast.

In-between his training, Choi works as a tech consultant and still finds time to raise money for TeamFox, Michael J. Fox’s grassroots Parkinson’s fundraising community. To date, he’s raised over $100,000 and is no doubt primed for a big bump after stealing the show on this week’s American Ninja Warrior. With just six week’s notice, he prepped for the Kansas City qualifying run with the aid of his daughter and inspired people suffering from Parkinson’s to work towards wellness as best they could.

The American Ninja Warrior announcers and cameras caught Choi’s shaking multiple times during his run, showing that he was not a superhuman, but a real guy who was doing his best on a course that has dominated thousands of people over the years. He may not have completed the run, but he definitely won.

(Via Huffington Post)