With Hockey Gone, Canada Will Now Be Represented By Drake, Amir Johnson And This Ridiculous 8-Year Old

Canada (or #canada, if you’re on the Internet) has had it rough lately. The NHL lockout is nowhere in sight. The NHLPA is considering decertification. Canada needs hockey. They can’t play anything else. Look at Toronto’s mayor, he can’t take a snap without tripping and falling flat on his face. Now he’s getting kicked out of office. See how that works?

Canada’s next best option is to put all of their apples into the Toronto Raptors’ basket. They can find succor in the loving tweets of Raptors star player Amir Johnson, who did his best to appease the country’s sports-starved masses by doing the most Canadian thing ever:

The only way that could’ve been more Canadian is if he’d played late night hoops with Bonhomme. And by the way, THIS is how sad the hockey situation is. We’re doing posts about Amir Johnson Instagram updates instead of Paulina Gretzky. She’s off somewhere aimlessly taking pictures of dogs.

Anyway, because no Justin Bieber-related post can be complete without somebody who likes Justin Bieber getting SUPER PISSED about anyone else liking Justin Bieber, here’s the harmless celebrity photo’s immediate Instagram response:

You know what they say: he who spelt it, dealt it.

Here’s the full picture, in case you needed to see Amir Johnson’s basketball goal.

My new theory on the photo is that Amir really wanted to play late night basketball with Chris Brown, but Jenny Johnson’s epic trolling ran him off Twitter, so he just went with the #2 and 3 BADDEST BOYZ in music.

[h/t to That NBA Lottery Pick]