Ohio State’s Amir Williams Comments On His Coach’s Dick-Riding. Sorry, ‘Back-Riding.’

Ohio State center Amir Williams has progressed a lot during the last four or five games. What does he attribute that to? Quick, take a guess. Here’s a hint: it involves his dick.

In one of 2013’s great live-TV saves, Williams gets as close to a straight-up comment about Thad Matta’s dick-riding as you can without saying “dick.” He wanted to say dick, though. You could see it in his eyes. When you choose to say dick, dick is what you mean. Dick is EMPHATIC. But no, level heads prevail and he catches it right before it dicks out.

Dick dick dick. Here’s the clip:

It’s like that line from Ferris Bueller being changed to “a lump of coal in HIS FIST,” but in real life. Coach Matta should take Amir out for lunch or something and thank him for having such quick reflexes.

[h/t to Reddit]