And Now, 22 One-Legged Men In An Ass-Kicking Contest

06.03.13 5 years ago 4 Comments

one legged soccer match fightI’d like to preface this clip of one-legged soccer players getting into a bench-clearing brawl by saying holy shit, there is no way this is real. This did not happen in real life. It’s an out-of-context ‘Arrested Development’ season 4 clip, right?

101unbelievablegoals uploaded the clip, and they never provide any context greater than COOL FOOTBALL CLIPS CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE, so here’s what I’ve gathered: a German charity soccer match featuring one-legged players on crutches devolved into a shouting match and fight when one guy fell over, tripping an opponent, and then THAT guy shoved a player who was trying to help him get up. WE DON’T ACCEPT CHARITY IN CHARITY SOCCER MATCHES. The other one-legged players start yelling at each other, causing a bunch of regular-legged types to rush onto the pitch and break it up. But if there’s one thing we know about regular-legged types, it’s that they can’t accomplish anything. The fight escalates and continues.

So here’s your lesson for today: Soccer players are soccer players no matter how many limbs they lose, and if you put a soccer ball between two quadruple amputees, they’d find a way to start hitting each other.

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