Anderson Silva Is Already Up And Kicking With That Broken Leg

It was only December 28 when Anderson Silva challenged UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman for his old belt at UFC 168, but it feels like the vision of his leg snapping in two has been haunting my brain for eternity. Silva broke both his left fibula and tibia on that fateful second round kick against Weidman, and many people believed that it marked the end of the road for one of the greatest fighters that we’ve ever watched in our lives. There’s just no way that a guy can suffer that kind of horrible injury and think about getting back in the octagon again, right?

Errado! While Silva hasn’t openly discussed his career intentions and whether or not he plans on mounting a comeback for one last shot at capturing his lost title, the UFC legend posted a video clip to his Instagram account yesterday that leads us to believe that he’s not only on the road to recovery, but he’s hauling ass at unimaginable speeds. I’m no fancy pants doctor with one of those pieces of paper on a wall, but seeing him already kicking a ball is just unimaginable.


Best of luck, Spider. But please, for the sake of my eyeballs and weak stomach, do not rush this thing. I can’t even take watching Jon Jones break his toe again. See?

Totally gross.