Anderson Silva’s Return Ad Wants You to Be Spider

Budweiser Brasil just released a commercial showcasing Anderson Silva’s climb back to the octagon. It starts with the terrible image of his leg snapping at UFC 168 and the deluge of media and fans calling for his retirement. Silva begins climbing the walls of the octagon-shaped pit (Well?), but he encounters ADVERSITY!

Silva stumbles, but it’s only through the grace of a pipe that spews a Chael Sonnen quote “Anderson Silva, you absolutely suck!” that he doesn’t fall to his doom. I kind of wanted Anderson to have to triangle the pipe to keep his perch, but whatever, it’s still neat.

Next, Anderson has to contend with a giant fist labelled with CLXII, or 162. Silva ends up hanging upside down, but then some dude in a kung fu uniform tells him to “Be like a spider, a spider flows or crashes.” Yeah, it’s a Bruce Lee-analogue, which makes sense since Silva LOVES Bruce Lee.

Thanks to fake Bruce Lee, Silva continues crawling to the top of the pit, transmogrifying into a spider in the process. I don’t know about you, but this has got me pretty hyped up to see Silva’s return to the octagon against Nick Diaz at UFC 183.