Another World Cup Biting Incident Leaves A Fan Missing Part Of His Ear

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06.29.14 2 Comments

There is entirely too much biting going on at The World Cup. Or this is a normal amount of biting and I just wouldn’t know because I’m a poor American, degrading my nation one corner kick at a time. The difference in this video posted by Sunday People is that the biting doesn’t take place on the field. From the Daily Mirror:

This is the shameful moment an England football fan had his ear lobe bitten off by a racist thug at the World Cup, reveals the Sunday People.

Our shocking video shows the victim with blood pouring down his neck after a fellow England fan savagely attacked him.

The stunned supporter, believed to be England fan Robert Farquharson, tells the camera: “He bit my ear off and called me a black ****!”

The thug had also taunted his victim by telling him: ‘You shouldn’t be ­supporting England.’

The bite in question took place during England’s loss to Uruguay, five days before the now famous Luis Suarez biting incident. Just taking it at face value, you can’t confirm it is a racist attack. It could be, but you can’t tell from the video. But apart from that, you can certainly tell this guy had his ear lobe chomped off.

Now it’d be easy to make a bunch of Suarez jokes and bring up Mike Tyson, but they weren’t the first to pop in my mind.

For me, I went back to The Walking Dead and poor Caesar. He looks a bit like Caesar, meaning the biter in question was probably the Governor. Now my mind is full of conspiracies.



(Via Sunday People / The Daily Mirror)

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