Antrel Rolle Wants To Be On The New York Fun Giants

01.19.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Look at those New York Jets with their head coach Rex Ryan, having fun, trash talking, winning games and doing cool stuff. Normally, teams wouldn’t get very far with the kind of distractions the Jets have dealt with this season, but they’ve made it all the way to the AFC championship, playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night. It’s like a frat house in that place, but there’s no sodomy involved to become a brother!

Antrel Rolle, however, from the other New York team (the one that didn’t make it to the playoffs) sort of wishes his coach was a little more like Ryan. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about physical appearances, Tom Coughlin, so put down the weight gain supplements.

During an interview with Miami radio station WQAM, Rolle reiterated that while he likes Coughlin as a person, he would like to see him loosen up.

“On a personal level, honestly, [Coughlin is] one of the best guys to be around,” Rolle told WQAM. “Very caring. Honest guy. Very straightforward.”

But Rolle was then asked about Coughlin as a head coach.

“Honestly, that’s where the problem comes in with me, as a coach,” Rolle said. “Since I’ve been playing the game since the age of six, to me it’s never been about the money, it’s never been about anything more than winning and having fun.”

When asked if Rolle is having fun playing for Coughlin, the safety answered, “Honestly, I’m not having the fun.”

This isn’t the first time Rolle’s wanted to have more fun with the Giants (his mom said something about it), but he has a good point, even if he’s lying through his teeth when he says it’s not about the money. Well, I guess he could be honest when he says that, but if it’s not about the money, it has to be about the pussy. Anyway, no one in any job wants to be hounded nonstop while working. Even prostitutes sometimes blow up balloons with their hooha between customers for entertainment. Please don’t ask, but it involved a lot of malt liquor to find out that precious gem of knowledge.

Coughlin strikes me as the kind of guy who coaches and thinks everything builds character. Look at him. If he was a high school coach and you complained about something, I’m sure he’d make jokes about having poop in your diaper and crying to your mom. It’s ironic, because he probably has poop in his diaper, and his mom’s probably dead. Joke’s on YOU, Dead-Mom Coughlin.

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