Are These The New Bills Uniforms Question Mark?

Well…no. This is actually a concept design created by Eric Epp, a graphic designer from Niagra with a little too much time on his hands. That said, this encapsulates some of the design elements revealed by the Buffalo Bills organization: keeping the current Bills logo, but changing from red helmets to white with a new overalll uniform design. Epp brings back the white shoes, with red trim, and a classic numeral set with rounded player name letters.

The numbers are the interesting thing here: we’ve seen most NFL teams designing their own sets of numerals. The Jaguars, Cardinals, Lions and Chargers all included distinct-looking numerals with their new uniforms. That distinction makes them eligible for trademarking, a proprietary measure that gives the NFL and its teams more control over their product. Expect the Bills to unveil a design similar to Epp’s creation here, but with goofier-looking numbers on the jersey.

Apropos of almost nothing, I still owe Pete Connolly an a capella tribute to the Buffalo Bills. Any help you guys could give me with the lyrics would be appreciated in the comments.

Via Joe Buscaglia/WGR 550.