The Army-Navy Game’s Uniforms Are Full Of Meaning For Both Branches Of The Military

Inclement weather amped things up considerably during the 118th Army-Navy game. It was always going to be a run-heavy contest, but this year, the weather was so bad that CBS superimposed the first-down line and had to embolden numbers to indicate the yard lines on the field.

And the special uniforms each team wore essentially meant that Army played in camouflage on Saturday. The Knights donned all-white Nike unis honoring the military branch’s heritage, while Navy donned Blue Angels-inspired gear in the annual showdown between some of America’s finest.

Army’s uniform inspiration is the 10th Mountain Division, which was formed in 1943. Soldiers trained at 9,200 feet to learn to survive and fight in the harsh conditions that higher elevation and mountain climate bring. And Nike’s co-founder, Bill Bowerman, served with the 10th Mountain Division, so this was a special project for the company.

The uniform’s special features include the a Pando Commando patch on the tongue of Army’s cleats, a Follow Me stripe on their helmets, and the Vires Montesque Vincimus, the division’s coat of arms, on the uniform’s right shoulder. The motto means “We Conquer Powers and Mountains,” which unquestionably rules.

Navy, meanwhile, literally has the iconic Blue Angles flying in formation on their helmets, with bright blue Midshipman uniforms to match. Navy’s Under Armour unis feature Blue Angles patches on the shoulders and striking yellow accents that make their numbers and jerseys pop in the snow, especially compared to the all-white look Army is using.

The Army-Navy game is always a joy to watch, but a snow game with players in these uniforms is just beautiful.

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