Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Provide The Biggest Cheering Section For A Deadlifter’s Record-Breaking Lift

Deadlifter Eddie Hall broke a world record at the Arnold Classic in Australia last Friday by deadlifting 1,018 pounds (462 kg).

Video of the lift shows Hall making what seems like smooth, easy work of the previous world record (which had been 461 kg), with former professional bodybuilder and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger providing Hall with his biggest cheering section just to his right. Afterwards, Hall describe the feeling on Twitter:

It’s understandable that the moment would be priceless for Hall, but weren’t you kind of hoping he would say Schwarzenegger was off to the side yelling inspirational movie quotes at him? Like “Do it, DO IT NOW! Come on, DO IT!

Oh well. Here’s to hoping he’ll be back next year to go for 463 kg.

[For the Win]