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As CEO of Newport Propert Ventures in Tampa, FL, Alex Rodriguez owns and operates 6 apartment buildings, and residents at Newport Riverside apartments on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard aren't happy with him:

“My mom comes here and she ain’t no rich person, but she thinks I live in the projects,” said Miguel Ruiz as he sat on the second-floor landing of Building 2-A on a recent Sunday afternoon. “She’s scared to come over here, for real.” As Ruiz spoke, he pulled a boy named Elijah from a gap in the railing that opened when yet another piece of the banister rattled loose and fell to the ground. “See, stuff like that, with kids around, it’s messed up here,” Ruiz said, adding, “Honestly, I was raised in a ghetto and I was brought up a little better than this.”

Newsflash Mr. Ruiz, as Chris Rock instructed us, when you're on MLK Jr. Boulevard, you're still in the ghetto.  And as for your mom, I wonder if she's more disappointed that you're living in the projects or that you're using double negatives. Ha, making fun of poor people is fun. But it's only safe for other poor people like Shanty Irishman. Hollywood has taught us that vile slumlords will receive their comeuppance, so expect A-Rod to soon be the most hated man in America. What? Wow, that was fast. -KD  

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