At Least The Cincinnati Bearcats Baseball Team Was Having Fun

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05.23.13 5 Comments

I guess when your baseball team finishes a season with an overall record of 24-32 and an even worse conference showing at 6-18, you need to find other things to be happy about. Fortunately, while the school’s basketball fans were off Harlem Shaking, the University of Cincinnati Bearcats baseball players were keeping their fans entertained by videobombing their teammates during postgame interviews.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Imgur, some of, if not all of, the Bearcats’ best moments were captured in GIF (pronounced JIF) format for our enjoyment. And kudos to the Bearcats for not only finishing out the season with an 11-5 win over Notre Dame, but also for producing a series of GIFs that have made them the most talked about team during the current NCAA baseball conference tournaments.

Seriously, I don’t know anything about college baseball right now other than the Bearcats are fun, and I’m fine with that.

(H/T to FTW, video via SB Nation)

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