Athlete Tattooed Trivia Challenge: Answers And Winners

Color me pleased, friends, because I received a considerable amount of emails regarding Wednesday’s first-ever With Leather Trivia Challenge and none of them were mean. Well, except one but that was my mom and she’s just going to have to accept that I’M NEVER GOING TO BE LIKE MY BROTHER! Anywho, a few of you scored 100% and a few of you were stumped. Nevertheless, we’re quite happy with the effort and the winners have been notified and asked for their t-shirt size so they can show off their new fashion sensibility, namely a shirt that may or may not have a likeness of Douche Dog on it. (The actual t-shirt design will be revealed next week with the second trivia installment.)
In the meantime, the answers are included after the jump and I didn’t list the winners’ names because of Federal Protection Programs and such, but those of you who won (and I was a little more generous than 3 shirts) can go ahead and brag in the comments. Thanks for participating and stay tuned for an even more awesome challenge next week.