A Rogue Falcons Fan Is Running Around The Georgia Dome Knocking Cheeseheads Off Packers Fans

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01.22.17 2 Comments

The most identifiable piece of headwear among a football team’s fanbase are the cheeseheads worn by Packers fans. If you ever go to a game involving Green Bay, there is a 100 percent chance that someone is going to have a gargantuan slice of foam cheese on their heads.

This was the case during the NFC Championship Game between Atlanta and Green Bay in the Georgia Dome. Packers fans made their way to enemy territory and showed their support for their team by wearing the team’s hats. Apparently, this didn’t sit all that well with one Falcons fan, who decided to make the trip as unpleasant as possible for these people.

While making her way around the concourse at the game, this fan would skip or walk up to Packers fans. After she would get past them, she’d throw her hand up into the air and flip the hats off of their heads.

Some people, like the guy in the video at the top of this post, seemed like they didn’t have a huge problem with her actions. Others were furious, like this woman who looked like she was ready to get into a fight.

One person stood there stone faced…

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