Attention New York Lawmakers: Here Are Some Very Good Reasons To Legalize MMA

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01.15.13 12 Comments

How DARE New York ban these women!

Much to the shock of many people who probably had no idea this is true, professional mixed martial arts matches are currently banned in New York. In fact, New York is just one of two states in which our favorite fighting sport is still banned, with the other being – you know what? Screw that state. It doesn’t even deserve to be named. As for New York, the lawmakers are at least trying.

As Mixed Martial Arts continues to grow in popularity, New York government officials are trying again to bring fights to the state. Currently, professional MMA matches are banned in New York. But Senator Joe Griffo is supporting a bill that would make amateur and professional fights legal.

While the bill has already been stalled by the assembly twice, Griffo says he thinks this year will be different.

“The Senate has passed it several times,” he said. “I’m hopeful now with the new sponsor in the Assembly that we can really see progress there and have this bill before the governor for his signature.”

Griffo says bringing this sport to New York will lead to an economic boost across the state. (Via YNN, H/T to Stephen Douglas)

As MMA fans, we should be outraged that New York state – home to the capital city of the entire world – has made it illegal for a UFC event to be hosted at Madison Square Garden. Again, at least NY lawmakers are trying, but in case they’re going to fail again like they did last May, let me give them our official argument on why they should want to host UFC events in their state.

Good afternoon, honorable ladies and gentlemen of the New York state government. Thank you for taking this time to hear my argument as to why your great state should host MMA and specifically UFC events. Actually, ladies, go ahead and leave the room, because I’m going to talk directly to the men.

*waits for ladies to leave the room*

All right, guv bros. Here’s why you should change this stupid, archaic law. This is Arianny Celeste:

And this is Brittney Palmer:

In conclusion, you should want to have UFC events in New York City immediately. Thank you.

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