This Poor, Poor Woman Took A Kickoff Right To The Face

09.24.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

Oh no. This is the fear of everyone who has tried to field a punt or a kickoff in their backyard or at a park. Someone standing behind the end zone during Saturday’s LSU vs. Auburn game tried to catch a kickoff that went out of bounds. Instead of hauling it in, it hit her square in the face. If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of this game, please get this poor person an ice pack, because getting Marcia Brady’d like this has to hurt.

At least Marcia only took a pass to the nose. This woman got a kickoff to the face and ended up looking like she writhed on the ground in pain.

Actually, maybe she didn’t get hurt all that bad. The woman who got hit in the face with the football took to Twitter and is happy to report that she’s ok. Her name is Ashley Ward, she works for Auburn, and she doesn’t seem like she’s too shaken up by the whole thing.

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