08.20.07 11 years ago 12 Comments

Earlier this summer, I wrote about Kyle Perry, the BYU track star who attacked a man in the street with a mop.  In the most disappointing correction I've ever written, Perry didn't actually attack a man with a mop at all.

Perry claimed in court this week that he was the one who was assaulted after he braked to avoid pedestrian Thomas Wellington, who was weaving a bucket of window-washing tools through Center Street traffic. It's Perry's contention that Wellington pushed his bucket in anger into Perry's stopped car and, once Perry got out to see what was going on, came after him with a telescopic pole, striking him over the head, causing Perry to push Wellington away in self-defense. At that point Perry's fiancee, who was with him, called police and handed the phone to Perry, who guided them to the scene.

This story was sent to me by Julianne Hoeger, Perry's fiancée, and I have to say: I was positively shocked to learn that a college student at BYU is engaged.  Usually they're married with two kids by the time they graduate.  Anyway, thanks a lot Julianne.  Way to ruin an awesome story with the truth.  What's next?  Mormons don't practice polygamy any more?

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