Awesomely Grumpy Sports Anchor Dale Hansen Is Pissed That 248 Players Were Selected Ahead of Michael Sam

You may recall back in February that a Dallas sports anchor (Dallas? Wow!) completely shamed all those opposed to Michael Sam in an NFL locker room, saying that it was ridiculous that the NFL would accept wife beaters, drunk drivers, and murderers into the locker room but “not a man who loves another man.” In that earlier speech, Hansen also took issue with predictions that Michael Samm would be drafted in the third to fifth round. “The best defensive player in college’s best football conference only a third to fifth round NFL pick? That is shocking!”

Sam, of course, went in the sixth round and celebrated by kissing his boyfriend on ESPN much to the dismay of certain homophobes. Hansen was also dismayed, not that Sam was drafted, but that he was drafted 249th. “248 [players] better than the SEC’s defensive player of the year? There’s just no way.”

I f**king love Dale Hansen.

via Hypervocal