Get Ready For Super Bowl LII With This Year’s Edition Of NFL Bad Lip Reading

Via Bad Lip Reading

Bad Lip Reading‘s videos have delighted for years, and the immensely successful YouTube channel has taken every opportunity to make fun of everyone from Donald Trump to movie stars and even professional athletes.

The NFL editions of Bad Lip Reading have always been great, disassociating the soundless rantings you see on sidelines during NFL games and adding utter nonsense to the video. And, thankfully, Tom Brady once again is featured prominently in the video, including its opening line.

“Yeah you always SAY you’ll get us a helicopter and you got it ZERO TIMES,” Brady seems to say.

Another highlight is Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford screaming “tambourine” in a Spanish accent, which, who knows, that could actually be one of his audible calls.

The NBC player introduction videos are also harpooned, with names like “I Chewed Up A Cow’s Neck,” “Fresh Ambassador” and “Baldy McNutt” posing as NFL players. You kind of have to see it to understand what’s going on there, but I promise it’s entertaining.

Officials aren’t exempt from the fun, either, including “Sweaty Fred” aggressively protecting his pile of corn bread. Again, it’s probably best to watch the video to see what’s going on here.

Bad Lip Reading’s season recap video conveniently dropped just in time for the Super Bowl, so maybe if the game gets boring on Sunday you can give this video a run at your Super Bowl party. It might be more entertaining than the game if things go south in a hurry.

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