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Charles Barkley hasn’t been much fun since he was pulled over for DUI last New Year’s Eve. He’s said all the right things about being more responsible and blah blah he still wants to gamble.

“Nobody ever complains about gambling when you’re winning. I’ve never heard a guy say, Hey, I’m winning too much money, I’m going to quit gambling.’ But my gambling had gotten to be a problem. I said I was going to take some time off,” he said.

Barkley said on the air during the NBA playoffs last June he wasn’t going to gamble for “the next year or two” after he was sued by a Las Vegas Strip casino for failing to pay $400,000 in gambling markers, or loans. He repaid his debt to the Wynn Las Vegas casino along with a $40,000 district attorney’s fee.

Barkley said he has missed making bets during football season and likely would gamble again someday.

Charles, you wanna make a bet on football? Buy a UFL team. You’ll lose less money than if you took the points on Auburn the entire season. Yeah, obviously, there’s isn’t jack going on today if we’re yapping about stuff Charles Barkley might do. I might paint my entire body green and run down Washington Boulevard kicking in car windows while screaming “WE COME IN PEACE!” But that doesn’t make it news.

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