Basketball Fans Should Stop Having Gay Panics

04.08.11 7 years ago 9 Comments

Continuing the theme of homosexual suggestiveness from yesterday’s post about Indians fans who are not necessarily into kissing each other, Toronto Raptors teammates Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans have caused a homophobic maelstrom on the Internet by playfully holding hands on their way back to the locker room after Sunday’s 102-98 victory over the Magic. Come on, these guys defeated MAGIC, they deserve to celebrate.

Without a lot of context provided (because seriously, who needs context), here are some of the now-disabled YouTube comments, courtesy of OutSports, the same site that once called me out for saying other people think pro wrestling is gay. Be cautious of inappropriate language, starred or otherwise.

4lyfesports: so not only does [head coach] jay triano have to deal with barnani and calderon but these fags has well?!?!?!?! its a miracle they even won 21 games!!! give him coach of the year!

ir0ckfartz: Wow, you guys are talking over the YouTube comments sections? How romantic…ha, faggs.

Creamybrown07: Little Ozzy is a hugeee f**king panzy who gets it up his ass by not only Barbosa and Reggie, but by the rest of the team, including Triano, the golden boy Colangelo, Even Gheradini! The Raptors Mascot actually ended up j**zing on Little Ozzys face, while Ozzy took it like the gay f**k he is. … Disgusting

MrDarkStalker15: I think Reggie Evans is GAY. He likes tossing the salad. Remember him grabbing Chris Kaman’s balls? I think Leandro Barbosa knows that Evans likes men holding his hand so he’s messing with him….

Thank goodness they weren’t having gay sex with each other on television, things might’ve gotten out of hand.

Think of it this way. Football players sometimes hold hands in the huddle. Baseball players slap each other on the ass more than they blink. I’ve seen more than one MMA star kiss his opponent on the mouth. Wrestling (amateur and otherwise) is all about guys in spandex “rolling around with each other.” You know what makes these things heterosexual? The fact that they have ABSOLUTELY F**KING NOTHING TO DO WITH SEX. They don’t. Get over it. As I understand it, nothing you do other than romantic and/or sexual attraction or behavior between members of your same sex is “gay.” And even if you’re doing that, it probably doesn’t make you worse at basketball. Also, why not try to be nice to people, you dumb jerk?

Pro tip: if you are typing the phrase “no homo” in a legitimate attempt to erase homosexual implications from the actions of yourself or others, you are “no” a lot of things.

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