Be As Cool As This Guy: Sign Up For Tonight’s Fantasy Game And Win $500

This guy’s my new hero. Spends a night at the Prog, rocks a vintage jersey, makes a great leaping barehand catch on a foul ball. The most athletic thing I ever did at an Indians game was track down the hot dog mascots for a picture, and the nicest thing I ever wore was cargo shorts. He is clearly my superior.

My recovery plan is to sign up for tonight’s fantasy baseball game with, drop two dollars each in sign-up fees to register three teams and take my chance at winning cold, hard cash from a $500 prize pool. Maybe then I can afford a better jersey than this poor Ryan Garko thing I’ve been in for too long. Also, a baseball glove.

The games are fun, cheap and easy to play, so there’s no reason to not throw in. Here’s how it works:

We’re capping the league at 275 teams and the games that count in the contest happen tonight, so hurry on over to FanDuel using this handy dandy link and play. Be cool. I know you’ve got it in you.