Beating Victim Bryan Stow Throws Out First Pitch At Minor League Game Four Years Later

Four years ago — March 31, 2011 to be exact — Bryan Stow traveled to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles to watch his favorite team, the San Francisco Giants, play on opening day. The Giants lost, and after the game, Stow was beaten to within an inch of his life by Dodgers fans. The story garnered national attention due to the sheer brutality of the event.

In the weeks that followed, the news focused on the search for suspects in the beating, while the columns debated What This Means and other weighty issues. Some national attention was given to the trial as well, but the news cycle spins on. Four years is a long time. (The suspects did plead guilty and were sentenced to jail time this February.)

After Stow was placed in (and brought out of) a medically induced coma to recover from his injuries, his long rehabilitation hasn’t garnered as much attention — rightfully so, because people deserve privacy in times as difficult as those. And it has been a grueling process, one that continues to this day. Medical professionals have said that Bryan will never fully recover from his injuries, but he is a long way from where he was when last any of us thought of him. Four years is a long time.

Yesterday, Stow was a guest of honor at the Giants’ Single A affiliate, the San Jose Giants, where he threw out the first pitch. It is amazing and inspirational to watch, and it reminds us that life goes on for so many whose stories we forget. Thank you for reminding us, Brian, and continue to get better.