Because It’s Friday: MONKEY FIGHT!!!

05.03.13 5 years ago

As much of a fan of crazy zoo videos as I am – specifically those that involve literal hippopotamus sh*t storms – I often wonder just how stupid the average zoo-goer is. For instance, today’s “Because It’s Friday” video features dozens, if not several hundred people watching in awe as a frightening monkey fight breaks out. And they just stand there laughing and yelling in delight as two or three monkeys try to beat the crap out of one of their captive mates.

I know that Planet of the Apes is just a movie and we’re really in no danger of monkeys rising up and conquering us, but there’s still a pretty good chance that if I was at the zoo and I saw a bunch of monkeys start freaking out, screaming and beating the crap out of each other, my legs would do that swirly thing that the Scooby Doo characters do before they run, and then there’d be a trail of smoke behind me in the shape of my body.

So kudos to these brave folks for sticking around to watch this monkey fight unfold.

Insane Chimp Fight – Watch More Funny Videos

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