Here’s The Hilarious Reason A Panthers Linebacker Won’t Stop Singing Creed Lyrics

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Before today, you probably didn’t know who Ben Jacobs was—unless you’re a Carolina Panthers fan. That’s okay. He’s a fourth-year backup linebacker who recorded 15 tackles in 2015. But now, he’ll be known for something far more important: “Creedbombing.”

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Instead of photobombing someone and making a weird face, Jacobs — along with tight end Greg Olsen and team analyst Brett Nenaber — is shouting out Creed lyrics at his teammates (and on the team’s Snapchat account). From the Charlotte Observer:

“Hold me now! I’m 6 feet from the edge and I’m thinking,” Jacobs sang Wednesday as he walked onto the practice field, a lyric from Creed’s song “One Last Breath.”

“The key is you’ve got to make really deep, direct eye contact,” Jacobs said. “So if you Creedbomb someone you’ve got to look them directly in the eye.”

Last week he sang “With Arms Wide Open,” and he has “Higher” as another of his favorites.

It’s fair to say we’ve reached a critical point with Creed. It was super popular to hate them for a long time, basically to the point where every Creed song was played ironically. Looking back, Creed may have taken themselves way too seriously and been horribly overplayed on top-40 radio, but they weren’t that egregious.

Anyway, Jacobs is approaching the status of an American hero. If Justin Timberlake can bring sexy back, Jacobs can re-introduce the soulful, throaty vocals of Scott Stapp into our lives.

That, or Carolina is now bound to lose the NFC Championship game against Arizona. Thanks Ben.

(Via the Charlotte Observer)