The Best and Worst of Impact Wrestling 10/24/13 and 10/31/13: Dixie Carter’s Double Digest

11.01.13 4 years ago 28 Comments

Hi! Oh, it’s been so long. Too long! My boyfriend was kind enough to have a super not awesome plague waiting for me when I got back from Texas and I missed last week, so today we’re going to double up. Four hours of Impact! That is…too much Impact! But we’re doing it anyways! GET HYPE ABOUT IT. A few things:

– For those regular readers who were wondering, yes, I did get to smush Evan Gelistico’s face while I was gone as promised. It was glorious. 10/10, would smush again. Texas wrestling (and all of the lovely people I got to meet while I was there) was a wonder, and I already wish I were back there.

– It’s Mobsy’s birthday today! She made the gifs, so follow her, love her, and send her the happiest of birthday wishes.

– Like, comment, share, tumbl, tweet, post it to your LiveJournal, try to remember your password for your DeadJournal and get this column out there. I like doing this every week (well…like is a strong word), but I’d like to keep it up, so hey! Let’s make that happen.

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This week (and last week!) on Impact: Dizzying highs! Staggering lows! Even worse lows! And lows low enough to warrant Owen voices! Admit it – you missed this.

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