‘Beyond The Game’ Looks At NFL Players’ Business Ventures

We’re sitting in the shadow of another long, hard fought NFL season and the fans aren’t the only ones in the game looking for something to do until training camp starts up again. Some players are using the money they earn on the field to start new ventures and opportunities off the field.

This time, Beyond the Game looks at some unique ways that some NFL stars are turning up in the business world. Some of them explore other sports arenas while others are finding avenues to explore and expand their portfolio in between seasons and in retirement.

In this episode, we’ll look at former Baltimore Ravens quarterback Trent Dilfer’s newest venture that aims to bring a professional volleyball league to American players and fans (with the help of Bengals star Joe Burrow). Then we’ll dive into former Chicago Bears linebacker Cassius Marsh’s card collecting hobby and how he turned his love of sports trading cards and fantasy games like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon into a lucrative revenue stream. Then we’ll wrap things up with former Denver Broncos wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his new fitness app and gym chain called House of Athlete that aims to provide athlete-level training for people who want to get as fit as the pros are on game day.

Check out the video above and go Beyond The Game.