Bill Burr Believes That Women Are Secretly Out To Ruin The NFL For Men

You probably thought that domestic violence, drug use, murder, concussions, injuries, referees, kickoff rules, Jon Gruden, or Roger Goodell were out to ruin football for everyone, but you’d be wrong. According to Bill Burr, it’s those pesky, lizard-eyed women that are going to flush “America’s game” down the commode.

Why? Because men are having a good time and that kills women inside. The simple male mind is just a festering sore on the dual attention spans of women and they need to put a stop to it. At least I think that’s what Burr meant, I’m sorta cherry picking.

Also I’m sorta stuck on how much football he’s watching during the week. I can easily sit down on a Sunday and take in the games, but I’m out after I see scores or any highlights. I don’t know how he does it unless he’s completely shut off from everything else that is happening in the world. He probably thinks ISIS is a reference to a porn star.

(Via Team Coco)