Bill Burr Was As Antagonistic As Always When Talking About Sports And The Election

11.11.16 1 year ago

Comedian Bill Burr is known as one of the most popular entertainers in his field and, on Wednesday night, he was in rare form during one his regular appearances on CONAN. Though the extensive interview took on many topics, the sports-related portion was particularly amusing and, honestly, noteworthy in that Burr seems to approach sports fandom entirely through contrarianism.

In the video above, Burr describes his flip-flopping rooting interests during the World Series and the reasons for the changes. On the side of the Chicago Cubs, Burr quickly grew tired of fans and their entitled treatment based on ESPN’s 30 for 30 focusing on Steve Bartman. Then, he went after fans of the Cleveland Indians for their behavior after grabbing a 3-1 lead in the series, pushing back on any talk of a “dynasty” for any extended success.

The ultimate statement, though, came in the political arena, as Burr stated that it was “enjoyable” to be on the show after Hillary Clinton lost the election based on the fact that a wide portion of the country was disappointed with the result. Being a contrarian in the sports world isn’t always easy because it requires more versatility and a willingness to go against the grain rather than simply rooting for laundry. With that said, it seems like Bill Burr has it down, and he is already applying the same philosophy to everyday life.

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