Bill Simmons Had Some Fun With ESPN On ‘Garbage Time With Katie Nolan’

Bill Simmons made his return to television on Thursday, but it wasn’t for HBO. Instead — thanks to Back to the Future-inspired time travel — he showed up on Fox Sports 1 to take over Garbage Time, much to the chagrin of host Katie Nolan. Simmons even redecorated the set, bringing his prized sports heroes and friends along for the ride (Jalen Rose gets a prime spot).

I like the idea of Simmons going all the way back in time to change the past in order to come to Fox Sports 1 and trash ESPN on the air. I don’t like the idea of his taking over Garbage Time because it’s quite fun to watch and doesn’t feature anybody threatening anybody or yelling at the top of their lungs. Simmons could’ve easily run in to takeover The Herd and that’d be fine, maybe during a particularly vile segment on why John Wall’s dancing has crippled the NBA’s ability to grow in popularity.

It’s a nice way to tie in with Back to the Future Day without doing a full Back to the Future sort of thing. Now, let’s never speak of that again and get Simmons back on his own show. Katie Nolan is trying to build a fanbase here, all while asking Kevin Durant about his underwear.

(Via Garbage Time)