Enjoy This F’cking Supercut Of All The F-Bombs Dropped During Bill Simmons’ New HBO Show

It’s been a big f*cking month for Bill Simmons.

Not only did the former ESPNer and Grantland boss launch his new website The Ringer earlier in June, but his highly-anticipated new HBO series Any Given Wednesday premiered — you guessed it — Wednesday night.

The show aims to take a look at sports and pop culture through Simmmons’ unsettlingly blue eyes while also bringing aboard big-name guests for casual, unscripted and unfiltered interviews.

During episode one, he really put some emphasis on the ‘unfiltered’ aspect.

As indicated by the initial promos for the show, Simmons is seemingly excited about the ability to travel down the road of no censorship. By bringing the show to HBO, he and his guests have the freedom to talk about things that they often couldn’t on a network like, oh, say… ESPN.

They also have the freedom to swear at will. And boy oh boy did they go for gold in that department during the premiere.

The show’s debut featured a duo of Charles Barkley and Ben Affleck in the guest chairs, with the latter taking full advantage of the opportunity to exercise his potty mouth. Of course their was a lengthy DeflateGate discussion between the two Bostonians, during which Affleck basically lost his mind and began unleashing F-bombs left and right in a spirited tirade in defense of Tom Brady. By my count, he dropped 23 of them in a little under six minutes.

How do you like those advanced analytics, baby?

Anyway, if you’re a fan of said naughty words, you can check out all of Affleck’s F-bombs (plus some bonus ones from Simmons, Barkley, a narrator and, yes, even Beyonce) in the video compilation above. Just f*cking do it already.

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