A Bettor Lost $130K Because The Bills Were Losing To The Dolphins At Halftime

The Miami Dolphins may very well go down in history as one of the worst teams in NFL history. They have twice lost by 43 or more points in five games this season and even their most winnable game, against a fellow god awful franchise in Washington, saw them fail on a two-point conversion to lose by one.

On Sunday, the Dolphins headed north to Buffalo to face the 4-1 Bills, who were favored by anywhere from 15.5 to 17 points. The Bills have been much improved this season, but that is an awful lot of points to trust a team such as Buffalo to cover even against a miserable group like the Dolphins.

So, for those that wanted to fade the Fins but didn’t want to trust Buffalo to cover more than two touchdowns, there was the money line, where you’d have to lay a lot of juice but could feel comfortable about picking up a little cash for your troubles. Right? Well, as one bettor in Las Vegas learned, there is nothing assured when it comes to the Bills as their $130,000 first half money line bet to win $20,000 went up in flames when Miami took a 14-9 lead to the break.

Buffalo led 6-0 early on but a pair of Miami touchdowns gave them a halftime lead and surely led to some meltdowns at this bettor’s place of residence. They failed to account for the Ryan Fitzpatrick revenge game factor and the fact that Josh Allen is the quarterback of the Bills and as such they are never to be trusted as favorites, even on the money line.

The lesson here, as always, is that sports gambling is an extremely dumb way to use your hard earned money because nothing is assured and, in football, you are sometimes betting quite literally on how an oblong shaped object will bounce.