Move Over Jumbo Shrimp, The Rumble Ponies Are The Hot New Minor League Team In Town

Just Wednesday, we praised the Jacksonville Suns for the bold decision to rename their team the Jumbo Shrimp, both because it’s a more unique representation of the city’s culture and because it’s more fun in general than the dumb ol’ sun. Well, you had a good run, Jumbo Shrimp, because there’s a new kid in town, and an even cooler one at that: Meet the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, the team that caps off a truly banner week in MiLB rebrands.

Oh yeah, that’s right. Chosen over other fascinating name options such as Bullheads, Gobblers, Timber Jockeys(?) and Stud Muffins(!!!!) in a fan vote, Rumble Ponies is a nod to Binghamton’s reputation as the “Carousel Capitol of the World.” Of course, that doesn’t even BEGIN to cover that alternate logo, with which we are deeply, madly in love.

Based on its other logos, we can surmise that this absolutely jacked rumble pony with disturbingly short legs has broken off the column that once fastened it to a carousel (with its thumbs!), and is using it as a threatening sort of club. Why, on top of this club, the pony feels the need to don boxing gloves, is a confusing choice, yet still a stupendous one.

The Rumble Ponies name is a massive step up from its previous name, which was just the same as their big-league bosses, the Mets. They were often called the B-Mets to ease confusion, but nobody’s calling this team the B-Ponies for nothing. Do you not see the combination of boxing glove and makeshift club you would get hit with if you crossed that pony?

Don’t cross the pony.