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11.25.11 2 Comments

This is almost as good as the Sears Bed Intruder commercial.


Black Friday – Jon Bois reflects on his time spent Shacking Radios on Black Friday. I was there for at least one of them. [JonBoisDotCom]

Good Gosh Almighty Joe Friday – The pro sports version of Gimme A Thumbs Up ‘Er Somethin’ Hot Rod. I’m going to try to talk like this every day. [Kissing Suzy Kolber]

Like Crazy Is The Movie 500 Days Of Summer Wanted To Be – That’s (500) Days Of Summer, thank you very much, and unless Like Crazy is an attempt to get me to love Zooey Deschanel with a Regina Spektor soundtrack, I’ll have to respectfully disagree. [Film Drunk]

Funny, Sexy And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week – …is won in a walk by the racially nonspecific Mortal Kombat girls. Hello, nurse. [Gamma Squad]

Politicians Are Horrible Late Night Guests – They are. If I had Michelle Bachmann on my talk show I’d intro her with WWE’s “Ass Man”. [Warming Glow]

Self Pop-Tart – Either the best or worst idea in the history of the Internet. I’m going to take one of these as soon as I figure out the logistics. [UPROXX]

CagePotato Ban: MMA Fans Fist-Posing for Photos With Fighters Et Al. – This guy doesn’t understand Worker Fist, or he’s never seen Rocky Balboa. So either he’s being a jerk, or I’ve got 200 pictures of me looking like an asshole with wrestlers. [Cage Potato]

Grantland Network Podcast: The Masked Man on the WWE Survivor Series – And speaking of me making Worker First, if you haven’t gone over to Grantland and listened to my appearance on Shoemaker’s podcast, do that now, and make sure to hassle him about how awesome I am and how he should always have me on. [Grantland]

The Wrestling Podcast, Episode 29: John Hyperion II (The JoshiMania Episode) – More podcasts about wrestling. This one is about a niche concept show in a niche independent wrestling company on their offseason held like two weeks before Christmas. I don’t know, but I seriously almost buy a plane ticket every day. [The Wrestling Blog]

A Softer Worldmap – Here’s an old thing I used to do nobody liked. I’m forcing it on you. Sh*t, I still think it’s funny. [Progressive Boink]

Vanessa Hudgens Is The Best Lakers Fan Ever – And hey, be sure to get back into the groove of reading us, because we give you stuff like this. And this stuff is pretty good. [Brandon’s Olde Fashioned Websight]

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