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In case you haven't read it already, I highly recommend's E-ticket piece on Bo Jackson.  It examines Bo's life twenty years after his rise to prominence, covering everything from his Paul Bunyan-like mythology to the memorable marketing campaign to his simple life in suburban Chicago, where his extracurricular pleasures include bow-hunting and being intense.  The story leads off with what would sound like a tall tale if it were anyone besides Bo Jackson:

From behind the wheel of an obscenely muscled Dodge pickup, Vincent Edward "Bo" Jackson is reminiscing about the time he took down a 300-pound bear from point-blank range with a .45-caliber pistol… and if you're wondering whether Bo was scared, hell no, Bo was not scared. Not even when that bear got so close Bo and his hunting companion could see the hairs bolt upright like pine needles on the back of its neck…

The way Bo tells it, he waited as long as he could, then he fired a slug into that bear's skull. The bear kept coming. His buddy yelled, "Shoot him again!" and Bo shot him again, firing another bullet directly into the bear's noggin. Bo 2, Bear 0. And then Bo skinned that bear on the spot and dragged the 70-pound hide the half-mile back to camp. Of course he did.

Oh sure, it sounds impressive.  If you're a coward or a weakling.  Three hundred pounds isn't even that big for a bear.  Black bears weigh up to 600 pounds, while the more ferocious grizzly bear tops out at 1500 pounds.  That bear was smaller than Tony Siragusa.  And less deserving of a bullet in the skull.

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