The Texans Owner Had A Wildly Inappropriate Analogy For NFL Players Kneeling

10.27.17 2 years ago

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As we get away from the flashpoint created by national anthem protests in the National Football League we learn more about the inner turmoil the league experienced over the last few weeks. Internal meetings and concerns were mostly hidden from public view while the league and its Players Association decided how to handle its athletes protesting.

Those meetings were, inevitably, full of snafus that illustrate just how far apart billionaire owners are from the athletes that play for their football teams. The worst such case appears to come from Houston Texans owner Bob McNair.

McNair is quoted in an ESPN story about owner meetings about the protests as saying a wildly inappropriate analogy to minority athletes choosing to silently protest police brutality against people of color. Speaking after a group of owners that were against the protests, McNair used a prison analogy to describe protesting athletes dictating the message the league sends to the public.

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