Boise State's QB Took A Lie Detector Test To Prove He Didn't Pee Off A Hotel Balcony

It would obviously take a very serious violation of team rules for a senior starting quarterback to be sent home from Hawaii during the week leading up to a bowl game, but that’s exactly what happened to Boise State QB Joe Southwick, who claims that he’s been done wrong by his team. After he was sent home for allegedly missing a practice and peeing off a hotel balcony, Southwick sat down for an exclusive interview with KTVB news to clear his name and assure his fans that he is not, in fact, a man who urinates from a hotel balcony.–236974431.html

“I’m here to… clear my name, clear the name of my parents,” Southwick said. “People in the community hopefully realize I didn’t do anything wrong and stop throwing my name in the mud.”

He should have said that they were peeing on his good name, but that’s neither here nor there. Southwick claims he was set up and framed for another man’s urinary discretions, but it was the word of three men against his own, and that was good enough for the team to send him to the airport for a return trip. And in case you still don’t believe Joe that he didn’t pee from a balcony, he even passed a lie detector test to prove that he didn’t behave like every Chet Q. Frat Boy.

I’m also being told by a very reputable source that Southwick actually hired a coach to help him pass the test.

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