WWE Legend Booker T Threw Someone Through A Table For A Bills Hype Video

The Buffalo Bills are in Kansas City to face the Chiefs on Sunday night for the AFC Championship, as the Bills look to make their first Super Bowl appearance in nearly 30 years. It has been a drought that has seen some hellacious lows for the franchise and a fanbase that, until the last couple years, has felt increasingly tormented.

However, even in the face of constant disappointment and seemingly endless sadness, Bills fans have maintained their intense passion for the team. It is something that happens with long suffering franchises, as its nearly impossible to remain attached to an awful team without being incredibly passionate about them, as the losing weeds out fairweather fans (which, to be clear, is a pretty good way to live) and only the crazed fans remain.

Bills fan tailgates are legendary, as they consume massive amounts of grilled meats and alcohol, jumping through tables, and just generally doing ridiculous things to prove their loyalty to the Bills. The table smashing has become their trademark though, and ahead of their game on Sunday night Fox called in an expert on the subject, WWE legend Booker T, to cut a promo for the Bills AFC title game appearance and, of course, slam someone through a table.

After their win last week, people flooded the streets of Buffalo to celebrate, including some bringing folding tables to jump through, and if they make the Super Bowl by beating the defending champs one can only imagine what the party will look like.