Brandon Meriweather Has Bad Houseguests

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09.13.11 3 Comments

It’s been a pretty rough year for Chicago Bears safety Brandon Meriweather. Back in March, the former New England Patriot was questioned by police in lovely Orlando, Florida, about a shooting that he was linked to outside of a bar in even lovelier Apopka. On Sept. 3, the Pats gave Meriweather the heave ho and the Bears decided they would take a chance on him. Spoiler alert: More bad press.

29-year old Biloxi, Mississippi resident James Roberts has been charged with rape and the venue of said heinous act was in Meriweather’s home in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Police Chief Edward O’Leary, whose department investigated the allegation with state police assigned to the district attorney’s office, said the reported incident occurred in Meriweather’s home.

Meriweather has not been charged in the matter. “There has been no allegation against anyone but Roberts,” Traub said. (Via The Sun Chronicle)

Meriweather first made a name for himself when he was questioned after a shooting outside his home in South Florida while he was playing for the Miami Hurricanes. Meriweather shot at a man who had first fired at his roommate and teammate Willie Cooper, and the police found that Meriweather hadn’t done anything illegal. That same year, Meriweather was one of the players involved in the infamous on-field head-stomping fight between Miami and Florida International.

But while Meriweather has managed to maintain his innocence throughout controversy, he cannot escape his one true crime…

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