Roddy White And Brandon Spikes Are The Goofus And Gallant Of Twitter Bets

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03.26.14 3 Comments

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A lot of athletes should not be on Twitter. A bold statement, I know, but so many of these guys prove on a daily basis that social media is a dangerous place for wealthy people with short tempers and bold opinions to be spending their free time. Take, for example, Roddy White, who last week Tweeted his opinions that the Duke Blue Devils were not only going to defeat the Mercer Bears, but Coach K’s team would go on to win the whole NCAA Tournament. White, of course, ended up being very wrong on both accounts, and that should have been the end of the story. “LOL,” he should have Tweeted after the Bears upset Duke, adding, “Oh well, sh*t happens.”

Instead, White chose to argue with a Mercer fan about the game, adding that he’d wager season tickets on the 50-yard line for that fan if Mercer could somehow do the unthinkable and defeat Duke. White lost, backtracked in hilarious fashion, got incredibly defensive over the entire thing, settled on giving the fan tickets for the Falcons game against the Bears (even though he’s a Mercer Bears fan), and then reminded everyone that gambling is illegal and the NFL forbids it (even though he had already voluntarily made the bet). If anything, White is terrible at just covering his ass. As it turns out, though, that fan got free season tickets anyway, just for handling the situation with “class and grace.”

Maybe it’s because NFL players don’t learn from each other, but Brandon Spikes was next in line to take the Twitter bait after his own bold claim. Let’s see how his NCAA Tournament Twitter bet unfolded.

1 Brandon Spikes

Villanova was obviously the favorite to defeat the No. 7 seed UConn Huskies, so it wasn’t the boldest of proclamations by Spikes. But in this NCAA Tournament of crazy upsets and overtime games galore, I’m surprised he didn’t have a few hundred people chomping at the bits to make a bet, seeing as White just proved how eager and foolish some NFL players could be. Enter: Matt Alfonso, a Pats fan who had UConn’s back.

2 Brandon Spikes

Smart move by Spikes. Does the fan come back with something reasonable or piss his pants and call Spikes a coward for wanting something in return since he’s so sure that UConn will “get trashed”?

3 Brandon Spikes

Gentlemen, we have a seemingly legit Twitter bet. May the best man (and I guess team, if you care about the actual game) win. Obviously, the Huskies not only pulled off the upset of the Wildcats, but they won 77-65 and covered Alfonso’s 7-point victory spread. So what’s up, Spikes? You backing out or what? Typical NFL player, can’t put his money where hi-

4 Brandon Spikes

Oh, okay. Well then. I guess we just wait to see if Spikes comes through this season. I’d say that we can eventually compare the seats that White and Spikes got for their respective bets, but White probably won’t even bother now that someone else covered his ass with season tickets for the fan he made a bet with. Or maybe we can just wait and see if sports karma is real. I’d bet that it is.

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